#No DRS: When the stadium’s lights went off, Chennai’s fuse blew, by sharing the meme, the fans said – is it a match or a joke..!

The 59th match of IPL 2022 is being played between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI). The first 10 balls of this match proved to be Chennai’s unlucky as DRS was not available due to power outage and CSK lost three wickets in the meantime. Due to the power cut, Chennai’s most powerful batsman Conway was dismissed for zero. Conway was in great form this IPL. He had scored 85 not out, 56 and 87 before this match. However, Conway could not resist it and neither could he use the Decision Review System (DRS) and during this the decision of the umpire was universal.

After 10 balls, the facility of DRS became available again, but by then the light had blown Chennai’s fuse and with this the world’s most expensive T20 cricket tournament became a cause of dislocation due to lightning. #NoDRS is currently trending top on social media too. Cricket fans are criticizing BCCI and there are many users who are giving their feedback through memes.

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By the way, if seen, cricket had to be embarrassed by the arrogance of the organizers. Now fans are criticizing BCCI on social media. There are many fans who say that if there was such a problem then why was the match started on time. One user wrote, ‘Powercut problem in the world’s biggest league! What is the matter.’ Another user wrote, ‘This match is going on that joke.’ Apart from this, many other users expressed their opinion on this issue through memes.