New haircut of shadow Elon Musk and his son on social media, people made funny comments after seeing the picture

Tesla CEO and the richest man in the world Elon Musk Always remain in the discussion for some reason or the other. Sometimes about his immeasurable wealth and sometimes about his personal life. Currently, she is in the headlines due to her new haircut. Not only her but the haircut of one of her sons is also in discussion. Actually, Elon Musk today posted an old picture of himself and one of his sons. social media but shared and told that he played the TV show with his son Vikings Watched many episodes of

In this picture, while Musk is seen in black clothes, his son is seen wearing black trousers and a gray T-shirt. Now seeing this new look of both, people are giving different types of reactions.

See the new look of Elon Musk and his son

In fact, from the 8th century to the 11th century those ‘Norse’ (Norse) living in the Scandinavia region of Northern Europe.Norse) The people were called Vikings, who went to other islands as pirates, soldiers or merchants and settled there. His adventures are famous all over the world. The Vikings web series, which is available on Netflix, shows the adventures of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbroke. He happens to be a farmer, who later becomes the leader of the Vikings and a great Norse hero.

Well, here people have given different reactions on the new haircut of Elon Musk and his son. Someone has asked ‘Have you and son both got a haircut’, someone has called him a ‘good father’ and said that Alan is always ready with a bottle to feed the children’. Similarly, many other users have also given different types of funny reactions.

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