Mother and son survived being a victim of shark, but people took some fun like this, watch the video

Shark It is considered one of the most dangerous creatures in the world, while it is the most dangerous among fishes. People are also afraid to go to the areas where sharks live in the sea, because they have no confidence when to attack and make them their morsel. You must have heard about many such cases, in which sharks attack humans and make them their prey. Sometimes people lose their lives in these attacks and sometimes people get seriously injured. That’s why far from encountering sharks, people shy away from going near them, but social media But nowadays a very dangerous video is going viral, in which a mother and son are seen feeding a piece of meat to a shark and are saved from being its victim.

In the video you can see that a woman and her small child are showing a piece of meat to a small shark and inviting it to eat. Since the shark is a carnivorous creature, seeing a piece of meat, she immediately comes to him, but while feeding it, both the mother and son lose their balance and fall directly on the shark. She is lucky that the shark is small and as soon as she falls in the water, she moves forward from there. If there was a big shark in his place, it would surely have made his condition worse by attacking him. Such a risk should not be taken even by mistake and especially when you are with a child, then there is a need to be more careful.

See how the mother and son suddenly fell in the shark pool

Well, this shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named PureVids. This 13-second video has been viewed more than 23 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

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