Monkeys attacked the father who came to save the girl, the video went viral

Uttar Pradesh Of Hathras Monkey terror is at its peak. When these monkeys will attack whom, cannot be said. Today monkeys attacked the daughter of a journalist, in such a situation, the journalist played on his life to save his daughter. The live video of this incident is going viral. Whoever saw the courage shown by the journalist in this video, was praising his courage.

In fact, the innocent daughter of a journalist named Mayank Vashisht was attacked by a bunch of monkeys. Now hearing the screams of the daughter, father Mayank came out of the house. When he tried to save the daughter, the monkeys attacked him too, but how could a father back down. When the video of battling the monkey went viral for about half an hour, people were seen praising a father’s courage.

See how the monkey attacked the person

Many people have been injured due to the terror of monkeys

This is not the first case of terror of monkeys in Hathras. There have been many such cases even before today. Monkeys have also made deadly attacks on many people. A few days ago, a woman was pushed down by monkeys on the terrace, due to which she was seriously injured. At the same time, due to their terror, people are afraid to even leave their homes in many places. At night, the terror of monkeys increases a little more. At night, they roam the streets in a herd.

Petition has been filed in court

Disturbed by the terror of monkeys, Madhushankar Agrawal, a resident of Lal Wala Pench in the city, had also filed a petition in the court in public interest, citing the news of some newspapers and the destruction of CCTV cameras installed in some public places by monkeys. That was also said. Considering the petition, notice was also issued to District Magistrate Hathras and Executive Officer of Forest Department and Municipality.

The municipality had run a scheme to catch the monkeys

Some time ago, a vehicle was also made by the municipality administration to get rid of the terror of monkeys in the city to catch them. Apart from this, a scheme to give money to people to catch monkeys was also started, but it did not show any effect at the ground level.

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