Maharashtra Crisis: A funny clip of ‘flop show’ went viral amidst political upheaval in Maharashtra, people said – ‘Something similar is happening right now’

Maharashtra (MaharashtraThere is a political upheaval going on at this time. Clouds of crisis are hovering over the Uddhav government. Shiv Sena’s senior leader and minister Eknath Shinde (Eknath Shinde) has adopted a rebellious attitude. He has claimed that at present he has the support of more than 46 MLAs, which includes MLAs from Shiv Sena as well as ally. At the same time, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray says that if the rebel MLAs come in front of me and ask, then I am ready to resign. Amidst this political upheaval, a video of an old TV show went viral on social media.Viral Video) is happening, which is pretty funny. This video is related to horse-trading of MLAs, which people are watching by linking them to the current situation in Maharashtra.

This video is a short clip of Jaspal Bhatti’s comedy show ‘Flop Show’. The show, which started in the year 1989, created panic as soon as it was released. People eagerly waited for this show to come on Doordarshan. Actually, the show was based on social issues and people liked it a lot. An episode of this show of total 10 episodes was also related to the sale of MLA, which was shown in a funny way.

Watch Video:

It was shown in this show how MLAs are bought and sold and how much money has to be spent to buy an MLA. Even in the present times, the horse-trading of politicians is similar, due to which even the biggest governments fall.

After watching this short clip of ‘Flop Show’, people are also giving different types of reactions. One user has written that ‘MLAs go to Gujarat to sell, because bidders come from there’, while another user has written, ‘Politics is only a profession for these so called ‘leaders’. Similarly, another user has commented, ‘It is relevant even today with 100 percent accuracy’, while another user has written, ‘Something similar is happening in Maharashtra at the moment’.

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