Lioness hunted zebras by playing on her life, but did not give up; watch video

Lions are considered to be the world’s largest predator and dangerous animal, which has the power to hunt even the biggest animal. By the way, in the forest there are many other types of ferocious beast Live, which includes tigers, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas etc., but they do not have the strength to compete with lions. You social media But also you must have seen many such videos in which Lion They are seen defeating and hunting other animals. By the way, usually lionesses do the job of hunting. Nowadays a video of one such lioness is going viral on social media, after seeing which you will also get an idea of ​​their power.

Actually, in this video, a lioness is seen hunting zebras, but her life was also in danger, but playing on her life, she hunted zebras and did not give up and did not back down in fear. In the video, you can see that a herd of zebras is seen running fast in the forest and while a lioness is ambushed in the hope of hunting. She wanted to hunt any one zebra, but the running animals were not allowing her to even close to her. They were moving forward, trampling the lioness. Because of his running, only dust was visible everywhere.

At first it seems that the lioness must have either run away from there or the animals must have trampled her to death, but as soon as the dust storm breaks, it is seen that the lioness had hunted a zebra, After which more lionesses reach there. In this way, the lioness hunted zebras without giving up, without fear, playing on their lives.

See how the lioness made the zebra her prey

This video has been shared on YouTube with an ID named Maasai Sightings. This one minute 6 second video has been viewed more than 61 thousand times so far and people have given different types of reactions. Some have written that the lioness was lucky that her life was saved, then some have written that this was a very risky move of the lioness.

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