Kashmiri teacher turned old car into a solar car, people were stunned to see the pictures and the specialty

Indians have no match in the matter of jugaad. Here desi jugaad (Desi JugaadBy using it, people make even the smallest and biggest things, which the world is stunned to see. Sometimes they make a car into a helicopter, then they convert the helicopter into a car. There is a lot of discussion in the country these days about one such jugaadoo person, who converted the old car into a solar car.Solar Car) and that too not an ordinary car but like the supercars shown in Hollywood movies. The pictures of this ‘supercar’ are creating a lot of panic on social media.

The person who made this ‘supercar’ is a resident of Kashmir, whose name is Bilal Ahmed (Bilal Ahmed) Is. Bilal is a teacher by profession and is currently teaching in a private college. According to media reports, Bilal has studied engineering and was working hard for the last 11 years to make this car. At first, he did research on many cars and then went on to make such a car, which is suited to the environment of Kashmir and at the same time its specialty is that this car does not make any sound when running.

In the pictures you can see that the solar panels are installed on the car. This car is charged with solar energy and most of all, its doors open like a supercar. The special thing is that this car can also be operated with remote control. According to the information, a total of 16 lakh rupees have been spent in making it.

Bilal says that he wanted to make a luxury car for the disabled as well, but financial constraints stopped his dream. After this the idea of ​​making a solar powered car came in his mind and today the result is in front of everyone. People are also surprised to see this solar car made by Bilal and are also praising his work fiercely.

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