iPhone 14 launched; After showering funny memes, people asked – what’s new in this?

Apple at an event late Wednesday night iPhone 14 The curtain has been lifted from the series. However, like last year, the company introduced four models of the iPhone 14 with minor changes. since then memes on social media The flood has come. People were expecting something new from the company, but due to not showing much difference between the previous and 14 series of iPhone, there is disappointment among the fans of iPhone. People are constantly expressing their well-being on Twitter through funny and funny memes. people are asking why iPhone 14 What’s new in. Alam is that the hashtags #AppleEvent and #iPhone14 are trending top on Twitter.

On micro-blogging site Twitter, users are comparing the series launched last year with the iPhone 14. Twitter is full of funny memes taunting the new series of iPhone 14. A user shared a picture of an elderly person and wrote, ‘The users of iPhone 13 upgraded to iPhone 14 will be like this.’ It can be seen in the picture that the man is sitting on the chair and is looking at a shirt. The funny thing is that the new shirt he is looking at is also wearing the same shirt himself. Similarly, netizens are resorting to various types of memes to make fun of similar designs of iPhones. There are some such that seeing you will make you laugh. So let’s have a look at selected such memes.

There are also some users who are waiting for the price drop of iPhone 14, so that they can buy iPhone 11 if the price is low. At the same time, taking a jibe at YouTubers, some users are saying that now they will test it by beating it with a hammer to see how strong it is.

Let us know that Apple has announced to keep the price of iPhone 14 at $ 799. According to Indian currency, its price will be Rs 79,900.

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