International Yoga Day 2022: Passengers were seen doing yoga while traveling in Mumbai local, the picture became fierce on social media

Today people all over the world including India are celebrating International Yoga Day. On this occasion a different craze was seen among the people because yoga not only helps in keeping your body but also mental health right. Along with India, the whole world is now accepting the power of yoga. Many photos and videos related to it on social media are becoming increasingly viral these days. Where people are seen doing yoga at different places, but on this yoga day, some passengers were seen doing yoga inside the train itself. Whose picture went viral and the matter became a matter of discussion.

You can see the picture going viral that all the passengers sitting in the train are seen doing yoga with pleasure. People are getting a very special message from these pictures. Passengers can be seen giving yoga poses, passengers were taught how to utilize their travel time for fitness by practicing yoga while traveling in a local train. Yoga teachers organized an organization named ‘Heal Station’. Their purpose was only to make people understand that if you do yoga in the train every morning during your journey and it benefits them in health.

see picture here

For your information, let us tell you that this organization was started on International Yoga Day in 2017 for the first time after taking permission from Western Railway. Which is being run by a young journalist from Mumbai, Ruchita Shah. Regarding this concept, Ruchita says that in today’s busy schedule where we work for more than 9 hours and spend many hours sitting like this during the journey. Due to which we do not have time left for exercise or yoga. In such a situation, doing yoga in the train will not only make good use of our time but will also benefit our health.

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