Innocent gave WWE a slap to his father, even the wrestlers would be stunned to see the moves.

Smartphones have changed the lives of people. People have become so fond of the Internet and videos that days do not pass without it. There are some people who have got used to recording their children in the camera. Some parents try to film their children round the clock and if seen, Video Go viral faster than other videos. in which children’s cute actions Wins hearts of people. One such video is in discussion these days.

Full of innocence on social media, children infuse happiness and positive energy. One such video has surfaced again on the internet in which a father is seen wrestling with his son in a fun-filled manner. The funny fight of father and son is being shown in a way like he is doing a WWE fight. This child’s innocence-filled video is enough to make your day.

Watch the father-son video here

In the video you can see that the father is jokingly fighting the WWE fight with his child. The child becomes Randy Orton and the father is fighting jokingly by becoming a BIG SHOW. Meanwhile, the child first slams his father with Randy Orton and then falls to please the child and then the child pin-downs him. Gives and this match child easily wins this match.

This video has been posted on Twitter on the account @GabbbarSingh. Till the time of writing the news, more than 23 lakh people have seen it and their feedback is being given by commenting. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘We don’t have WWE here but wrestling is definitely going on, in which children beat the father by screwing the stakes.’ Another user wrote, ‘A father sees his victory even in this defeat.’ Another user wrote, ‘The video is really mood fresher.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.

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