In a unique way, the female teacher taught the children, watching the video, people said – very beautiful

A good teacher can make a huge difference in your life and you should consider yourself lucky if you have been a part of this change. Whenever you achieve something good in life, you should always remember that teacher who encouraged you, helped you to be successful in life. You must be thinking that why are we suddenly talking about teachers today? so tell you that social media but nowadays a female teacher His video is going viral, in which people are liking his style of teaching.

The matter is of Banka of Bihar. In a government school here, a female teacher was seen teaching the children in a very unique way, due to which the faces of the children also blossomed. While studying by running, jumping and jumping, his mind is also feeling very happy. In the video, you can see that the song ‘Billi Boli Meaoon’ from the film ‘Sada Suhagan’ is playing in the background and how Madam is teaching the children in a dance style. At first, she teaches the children in this unique way in the classroom itself, but within a short time the children leave the classroom and start having fun in the entire school premises. It is said that if children are taught by entertaining them in such a way, then their mind also takes a lot of interest in reading and they learn anything quickly.

See madam taught children in a unique way

This wonderful video has been shared by IAS officer Deepak Kumar Singh on the social media platform Twitter. This video of two minutes 16 seconds has been viewed more than 22 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different reactions after watching the video. Some are saying that this is a very beautiful way of teaching, while some are saying that ‘we should try to give a chance to the teacher candidates as well. Will show by doing even more dangerous ‘. Similarly, a user has written, ‘The whole proper education will not be improved by awakening talent in any one school. For this a teacher is needed.

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