If you ask for crispy from the girl, she showed a big heart, watching the cute video will make your day

During quick scrolling, the eyes suddenly stop on a post and then a series of likes and shares starts. Nothing can be said about it. You must have seen all the videos that go viral on social media, but some of these videos are such that you stop watching. Sometimes big lessons are hidden even in small videos. One such video is currently viral on social media, which will surely make your day after watching.

If there is something in the hands of children, they do not like to share it with anyone, they are just happy in their world, but if someone asks for something from them, they do not give it so quickly, but it should happen every time. then no. One such video is going viral these days. Where you ask for crisps from a girl and what the girl did will really make your heart happy.

watch video here

In the video you can see that a group of children are sitting and enjoying Kurkure. Seeing them, it seems that the children’s school lunch is going on. In the meantime, a person comes and asks for crunchy from the girl, only a little in the hand of the girl but she put her hand inside the packet and took out a lot of crunches and handed it over to her. The person in front is shocked to see this nobility of the girl. It seems he wanted to see how the girl would react if someone asked him for something.

The video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @shin_zu69. Till the time of writing the news, more than 27 lakh people have seen and their feedback is being given by commenting. After watching the video, everyone is praising the girl. Users are giving their reactions to the video in different ways. Some say that the girl’s heart is really much bigger than her age. Another wrote, ‘Elders need to learn from them.’

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