IAS Viral Tweet: Attention those who eat gutkha… don’t give up this bad habit or you will get these 7 rewards!

We all know very well that eating tobacco and smoking bidi, cigarette cause cancer. But despite the warnings written in bold letters on the packet, people, especially the youth, consider themselves to be cool dudes after consuming it. As long as there is no problem for them, they do not talk about leaving it. The government also keeps taking steps to make people aware from time to time. At the same time, many NGOs also help people to get rid of this bad habit through creative campaigns. At present, a wonderful idea to get rid of Gutkha (Eat Gutkha Get Rewards) is doing the rounds on social media, seeing which you will also be wowed. This has been shared by an IAS officer on Twitter, which is becoming very viral.

In the picture going viral, you can see that something is written on the wall. In this, those who eat gutkha have been told through prizes that what will happen if they come first and what will they get if they come in seventh place. As you can see that in the top award the person has been told to have cancer, while if the banda continues to eat gutkha, then his Ram Naam is sure to be true as the last prize. Along with this, it has been told where to get its form and Yamraj will be the chief guest at the time of prize distribution.

eat gutkha get reward

people’s reaction

IAS officer Avneesh Sharan has shared this picture with the great idea of ​​getting rid of gutkha on his Twitter account. He wrote in the caption, ‘Great idea.’ Till the time of writing this post, more than 6 thousand people have liked this post, while more than a thousand have retweeted it. This number is continuously increasing.