I have lost my death certificate… Seeing the funny ad, people said – ‘Anything is possible in the country’

You must know better that the death certificate of a person is made only when he dies. Although many times it is also seen that people remain alive, while in government documents they are declared dead. In such a situation, people have to fight a long battle to prove themselves alive. recently Haryana A case came to the fore in which a 102-year-old man was declared dead by the government. old age pension was stopped, after which he reached the DC office in a unique way to prove himself alive, but social media But nowadays a big funny ed It is going viral, after seeing which you will surely miss your laughter.

Actually, in this viral ad, a person has claimed to have lost his death certificate. Along with this, he has also told the place and time that when and where he lost his certificate. Actually this ad has been printed in the newspaper, which is now becoming very viral on social media and people are also enjoying it. You can see that it is written in the ad, ‘I have lost my death certificate at Lumding Bazar on 7th September 2022 at around 10 am’. The special thing is that the registration number and serial number of the certificate is also written in this ad. This ad has been put in the name of Ranjit Kumar Chakraborty, i.e. the person who claimed to have lost his death certificate, he is the same. Now you yourself think that how can a dead person lose his death certificate?

This funny ad is going viral…watch

This funny ad was shared on social media platform Twitter by IPS officer Rupin Sharma (Rupin Sharma) and wrote in the caption, ‘This happens only in India’. People are very fond of this ad and are giving a variety of funny reactions.

One user has written, ‘My, anything is possible in your country’, then another user has written, ‘It is ‘ad-ghost’. Similarly, another user has written while commenting, ‘The one who prints is great, the one who prints is also great’.

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