Hundreds of passengers boarded the train keeping their lives on the palm, people were furious after watching the video

You must have traveled in the train. This is the best way to travel anywhere in the country. People go anywhere comfortably while eating, drinking, sleeping and waking up. The special thing is that the train fare is not that much either. By the way, people usually travel by sitting inside the train, no one makes the mistake of sitting on top of the train, because it is fatal. railway There is always a warning from the side about this, but in spite of this some people do not deter from doing so. social media But nowadays a video related to this is going viral, which you will also be surprised to see.

Actually, in this video, not 1-2 but hundreds of people are seen riding on the train. The train is passing through the forests, then passes through a high bridge and people are traveling comfortably standing on top of the train. In the video you can see how people are standing on top of the train with their lives in their palms. They have no idea what will happen to them if the train suddenly brakes. They will fall directly under the bridge, but there is no such thing as fear among the people. They are standing on top of the train like they are standing in a park. This video is being told of Rajasthan and this view is from when the train is passing through the hills of Aravalli.

See how people are traveling with their lives in their palms

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This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name maharashtra_gadkille, which has been viewed 36 million i.e. 36 million times so far, while 2 million i.e. more than 20 lakh people have liked the video. have also done.

At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. Some are saying that it is dangerous, then some are saying that ‘are these people not afraid’. At the same time, some users are asking in the comments that ‘do they let you climb on such a train’, while some are saying that ‘it is not right at all to risk life like this for likes and followers’.

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