Helmet boy did such a graceful dance on the song Aafat that people were left watching, watch video

Vijay Deverakonda And Ananya Pandey’s film ‘Liger‘ Even though it has failed to drag people to theatres, but the hysteria of its songs is speaking loudly to the people. Now just watch this video which is going viral. A boy wearing a helmet at the red signal shot a liger’s ‘disaster‘ Dance has been done on the song in such a way that people like to watch the video again and again. Netizens have been praising this helmet boy’s dancing spirit and confidence. We are sure that after watching the video you too will become a Jabra fan of this boy.

In the video going viral, you can see that the vehicles stop at the red signal. From there, a boy wearing a helmet gets off the bike and starts showing amazing dance moves on the song ‘Afat’ from Vijay Deverakonda’s film Liger. During this, the rest of the people who stopped in the traffic also enjoy the boy’s dance very much. The funny thing is that even before the red signal is over, this boy wins the hearts of people with his dance. Then sits on the bike and leaves. So let’s watch this video.

Watch in the video, the boy did a wonderful dance on the song ‘Afat’

This great dance video has been shared on YouTube on a channel named subodh londhe. This recently uploaded video is making a splash on the internet. The video has 1.4 lakh views, while thousands of people have liked it. This number is continuously increasing. This video is being liked by the netizens so much that people are watching it again and again. Apart from this, users are also fiercely registering their own feedback.

Commenting on a user has written, brother mind blowing. What is choreographed? At the same time, another user has written while commenting, your confidence should be appreciated. Amazing dance done even among so many people. Another user has written, I have become your fan after this dance. Overall, people are liking this video a lot.

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