Helicopter fell from sky on tourist bus, horrifying scene captured on camera; Watch 10 Viral Videos

No one knows when and how accidents happen, but vigilance is necessary. Accidents can be prevented to a great extent by being alert and careful, especially road accidents. Negligence is the biggest cause of road accidents, but people are not deterred from being careless. Sometimes they become victims of accidents while driving at high speed and sometimes in the process of showing stunts. At the same time, sometimes people also become victims of accidents due to the mistakes of others. Although accidents are often seen on the road itself, but sometimes ‘accidents’ rain from the sky as well. Yes, social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, which has surprised everyone.

Have you ever seen a video of a helicopter crash? It is a very astonishing sight. Something similar can be seen in the viral video as well. Actually, while flying the helicopter suddenly falls on a tourist bus and not only damages itself, but also trashes the bus. In the video you can see that two tourist buses are parked in the parking lot, when suddenly a helicopter falls on them unbalanced and destroys everything. Now how many people were injured or even lost their lives in this accident, it is not known, but by looking at the accident, its seriousness can be gauged.

See how the helicopter caused havoc

You have seen the destruction of the helicopter, now let’s have a look at some more such viral videos, which people are very fond of on social media.

Sister who plays basketball like this!

Wow… wonderfully played Uncle, he himself got piled up

The girl made it difficult for the uncle to walk.

Take it brother, come the taste… and get the stunt done

Oh… Sister’s soul has left

Be careful didi…where is the hurry to go?

Hey Dada… who does this brother

Get out from the front, sister… what has happened!

lo bro… got the fun of sliding

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