Head kept on the head and two people climbed the stairs in a unique way, the video went viral

Sometimes some such scenes are seen, which surprise everyone. Can you walk with another person on your head and without any support? Surely you will say that this cannot happen, but if we tell you that it can happen, then obviously you will be surprised to know this. social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, in which two people are seen doing something similar. A person is seen lifting another person upside down on his head and is seen climbing the ladder fast. This sight has stunned everyone.

In the video you can see that a man lifts another person on his head on his head and starts climbing the ladder comfortably without any support. His balance is amazing. Usually, where it becomes difficult for people to climb the ladder by lifting someone in their lap, then these people are seen climbing the ladder in a very unique way. Surprisingly, when he climbs hundreds of stairs like this and does not even Uff. Seeing his amazing balance and feats, then anyone’s eyes should be torn apart. can you do this? Surely your answer will be ‘no’.

Watch this unique, but breath-taking feat

This video has taken social media users by surprise. Where is this video from and who are the people who have done this unique feat, it is not known, but this video of one minute 29 seconds has been shared on the social media platform reddit, which has got more than 41 thousand likes so far. While hundreds of people have given different types of reactions.

Some are saying that it is quite risky, while some are saying that ‘I have died after seeing this dangerous sight’.

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