Have you ever eaten pizza with ice cream? After watching the video, people said – I have come back, Re Baba!

if you too Pizza If you are fond of food, then it is good for you if you do not watch this video. Because, Fusion and creativity You will either lose your temper or go into shock after seeing the kind of atrocities committed by a vendor to pizza in the name of. Actually, the vendor in the viral clip Ice Cream He is seen making vegetable pizza with him. Now why not disturb someone’s mind after seeing this. After watching this video, netizens are not only cursing the vendor by drinking water, but are even saying that he will not even get hell for this crime.

Have you ever heard of vegetable pizza with ice cream? If you have not heard, then today also see how this ruckus type thing is finally made. In the viral clip, you can see that after making a pizza base from dough, the vendor spreads it by pouring chocolate syrup over it. After this, after putting chopped onions, tomatoes and capsicum on it, puts mozzarella cheese. Then instead of liquid, pours creamy ice cream and puts it in the oven to cook. Seeing this process, many have started feeling like vomiting. Imagine how it would taste. After removing it from the oven, the vendor serves it by pouring ice cream on it. You will definitely see the kind of expression given by the person who eats it.

Watch the ice cream pizza video here

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We are sure that after watching the video of this pizza with wired food combination, your mind must have been blown away. You may have even set out to find the vendor with a torch. This video has been shared on Instagram on an Instagram account named radiokarohan. The user has written in the caption, write only.

A user has written while commenting, the above will not forgive for this mistake. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, if you want to get sick, then definitely try it. Another user has written while commenting, there will be no place in hell.

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