#HarHarMahadev: The people of the internet swayed to the tune of Har Har Shambhu, Mahadev’s name resonated from road to reel in Sawan

In Hinduism, the month of Shravan is known as the month of Lord Shiva and this is the reason why people worship Lord Shiva specially in this month. Devotees perform special puja aarti in this month to please Lord Shiva. In this episode, these days a song is becoming increasingly viral everywhere, which is being sung everywhere from the road to social media. That song is ‘Har Har Shambhu’.

This song is popular on social media. Till the time of writing the news, this song has got crores of views on YouTube and people are making reels on it indiscriminately. Hashtags like #HarHarShambhu and #AbhilipsaPanda are trending on Twitter. People are making reels with this hashtag and song.

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According to media reports, this song has been sung by Abhilipsa Panda of Orissa. Who is currently studying in class 12th. He recorded the bhajan just before Sawan, which has become so viral in a short span of time that Abhilipsa became an overnight singing sensation. Talking to the media, he told that the biggest contributor to the popularity of this song is social media.

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