Had come with a jhola, will walk with a jhola… Mahua Moitra replied on the video of hiding the expensive bag

Mahua Moitra TrinamoolShe is considered a fast-moving MP. Nowadays he is in a lot of headlines and the reason for being in this headlines is his bag, which has been termed as ‘expensive bag’. Actually, BJP leader Shahzad Poonawalla took a dig at his bag and shared a video, to which he has responded in a very funny way. She has shared many of her pictures on her official Twitter handle and in all the pictures she is seen with her favorite bag.

While sharing the pictures, he has also given a funny caption, in which it is written, ‘Jholewala Fakir is in Parliament since 2019. Came with a bag…. Will go with the bag…’.

What’s the matter?

Actually, Shahzad Poonawalla shared a video clip on his Twitter account on Monday, August 1, in which Mahua Moitra can be seen lifting her bag and placing it on the floor below. At that time the debate on inflation was going on in the Parliament. Sharing the video, Shahzad Poonawalla wrote in the caption, ‘During the discussion on the price hike, Marie Antoinette Mahua Moitra hid her expensive bag – hypocrisy also has a face and that is it’.

Mahua Moitra has given the answer to this tweet and viral video of Shahzad Poonawalla in her unique style, which is also being liked by the people. Users are also giving different types of reactions on their pictures. Somebody is writing ‘Nice Bag’ in the comment and some one is saying that ‘God give such a bag to everyone’. At the same time, a user has written in a funny way, ‘Jholawala will catch everyone’s bag and leave with a bag himself’.

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