Grandmother blushed like this on grandson’s question, the reaction won the hearts of the public

social media but these days a grandmother-grandson video There’s a lot going on. In the viral clip, a young man asks some questions to his grandmother, on which she blushes in such a way that don’t even ask. This cute gesture of an elderly woman has won the hearts of netizens. Dadi Amma gives such a reaction by saying ‘Hey Baap Re’ that seeing the video will surely bring a smile on your face too. Bhojpuri People are liking the conversation and Dadi Amma’s style. So let’s watch this cute video.

In the video going viral, you can see that a young man tells his grandmother – ask one thing, grandmother? On this the woman says – Ask son. Then the grandson asks – how many years have you been married? The old lady replies – I am 75. When she was 12, she got married. After this the grandson asks something, on which the grandmother turns red with shame. The young man asks – have you ever kissed Grandfather. Dadi Amma’s reaction on this is worth watching. This style of grandmother has won the hearts of social media users. What happens after this, you yourself see in this video.

Watch the funny video of grandmother and grandson here

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Grandson Tarun shared the video on Instagram and wrote – ‘Strange conversation with grandmother.’ This video uploaded on November 14 is creating a lot of panic on the internet. About 3 lakh people have liked the video so far, while many people have commented.

A user has written, the true love between grandmother and grandson. Dadi Amma’s cute smile won our hearts. At the same time, another user says, he would have asked the same question to grandfather. Another user has written while commenting, our grandmother used to beat us by picking up slippers there. Overall, this video is entertaining people a lot.

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