Giving a luxury car to the mother, the son said – you drive, happily drove the SUV like this; watch video

When children grow up, they try to fulfill all their wishes and dreams to bring a smile on the face of their parents. At present, social media But one such heart-wrenching video has surfaced. In which a son puts the steering of his luxury car in the hands of his mother. After this, the happiness that appears on the face of the woman is worth seeing. The woman also starts driving the car in a big swag. This video is winning the hearts of netizens. Social media users are liking this video so much that so far about 2 million people have liked it.

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman is sitting on the driving seat of a luxury car. She is driving the car while talking with her son. It can be seen in the video how happy the woman is. His smile is winning the hearts of people. Looking at the driving skills of the woman, it seems as if she has years of experience. So let’s see this cute video.

Watch in the video, when the son made the mother sit on the seat of the luxury car

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We are sure that you must have liked this video of mother-son very much. The son shared this video on social media and wrote in the caption, ‘My mother is driving XUV700.’ It has been shared on Instagram by a user named saikiran_kore. This video, uploaded on August 21, is creating a lot of panic in the ‘world’ of the Internet. More than 18 lakh people have liked the video so far. This number is continuously increasing.

Saikiran’s Insta profile shows that he often shares funny posts. His followers also like his videos a lot. Currently, this video of a mother driving an SUV is winning the hearts of internet users.

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