Girls clashed with each other in public, slapped each other by holding hair… watch video

Girls clashed with each other in public, slapped each other by holding hair… watch video

Fights and quarrels happen often. Sometimes people quarrel with each other even on small things and then their quarrel takes a bigger form later and they get ready to kill each other. Many times people start fighting on the road about something, after seeing which people astonished remain. One such video is going viral these days. in which some girls Let’s start a fight over any dispute at the crossroads. This sight is very surprising.

You must have seen two groups of boys fighting with each other many times in the middle of the road, but you would have hardly seen girls fighting like this. At the moment, in the video that has surfaced on social media, two girls are seen fighting with each other as if there is some fierce enmity. One of them frees herself in the middle and attacks all the three girls in turn and thrashes them fiercely.

watch video here

It is seen in the viral video that some girls start fighting with each other in the middle of the square. One boy comes to intervene, but one of the girls frees herself and attacks the three girls in turn. Gives and fights fiercely. Later all the three girls try to dominate him, but he is unable to do so. This video was recorded and uploaded by someone present there, after which it went viral.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @DAILIFIGHTS4U. More than 44 lakh people have watched this video and people are giving their feedback by commenting. One user wrote, ‘This is a real cat fight.’ At the same time, another user has commented and written, Brother, those women can do anything. Overall, people are having a lot of fun watching the video.

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