Girl came to steal a pot from Scooty, got this punishment for bad deeds in 10G speed

Till now you must have heard a lot that people definitely get the fruits of their actions, but they may not have seen them meeting immediately. Everyone is advised that good deeds also yield good results. But all kinds of people are found in the world and hence everyone’s thinking is also different. A similar video has surfaced in recent days. After seeing which you will also understand that the result of bad deeds is always bad.

You must have often seen that thieves always clean their hands after seeing the opportunity. During theft, he takes equal care that no one else’s eyes fall on him. But whether anyone is seen or not, the one above sees everything and he definitely gives its fruit. Now look at this video that surfaced where a woman wanted to steal a plant kept on the way but a game happens with her.

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In the video you can see that a woman wanted to run away by picking up a pot kept in front of the shop. As the woman bends down to lift the plant. His scooty suddenly becomes uncontrollable and the woman falls on the road along with the scooty.

When its clip was shared on the internet, the video of the matter has become viral. After seeing this scene, most of the users say that you will fill as you do! This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named ghantaa. Let me tell you, this clip has been viewed more than lakhs of times at the time of writing the news and more than 63 thousand have been received. Also, seeing this clip, while many users could not stop laughing, many said that bad work results in bad results. Apart from this, another user has written that how useless are the people who do this, I hope that girl is really hurt.

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