Giant python targeted the dog, ruthlessly hunted, killed him

It is the rainy season and at this time the poisonous creatures living inside the ground are coming out due to flooding and are wandering in the populated areas in search of their food. On Saturday, an 8-foot python came out in the area in Kanpur and spread among the people. panic When python exit information local people When he got it, he drove the python towards the forest.

The people of Roadways Colony also informed the Forest Department team of Kanpur about the release of python. But before the forest department team could come to the spot and catch the python, the python made the dog its morsel.

The local people trembled after seeing a giant python swallowed a live dog in Rawatpur Road Wedge Colony. After this incident, people in the area imprison small children in their homes and are not allowing them to go out. Even after the incident happened yesterday, the forest department team did not go to the spot till late in the evening, due to which there was a lot of discontent among the people. Nawabganj to Rawatpur Roadways Colony was once made for roadways employees. Many of whose quarters have become completely dilapidated and ruined today.

dragon swallows dog’s mouth

A big forest comes in a large part of here. From the same forest, this python had reached the populated area yesterday. A video of the dragon making a dog bite was made by the regional people, in which it can be seen that the python has swallowed the dog’s mouth. And the dog has been tied to his body and the dog has died. After the action of the dragon, there is a stir in the area because the python has not been caught yet. Has gone.

At present, by showing this video to the forest department officials, the people of the regional roadways colony have requested to catch the python. Regional people say that if the children of the families living in the roadways colony go out, then their lives are in danger. The Forest Department has deployed three of its employees to catch the python. The forest department team also searched the forest for several hours in search of python, but till now he has not been caught.

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