Giant crocodile hunted boar, hair-raising video went viral

in today’s time Crocodile They are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world, which are quite powerful. A big crocodile has the power to hunt even the dreaded wild animals like lions and tigers. You must have also seen in many videos that when lions or tigers come to drink water in the river-pond, then on seeing the opportunity, crocodiles break on them and make their prey. Although sometimes they have to eat mouth, but they become very powerful under water. social media But nowadays a video of one such crocodile is going viral, after seeing which your hair will stand.

Actually, in the viral clip, a giant crocodile hunts a boar drinking water on the shore. During this, the pig tries hard to save its life. Shouting, he also pleads for help, but in his affair no one thinks of screwing the crocodile. Whatever happens after this, you see it in this video.

See how the crocodile hunted the boar in a jiffy

In the video you can see that some pigs are gathered on the banks of the pond to drink water, while a human being is trying to feed them by throwing something over the bridge. At the same time, in the process of eating, the poor pig becomes the food of the crocodile. A crocodile swimming silently inside the water attacks the boar as soon as it gets a chance and catches it in such a way that it cannot escape from its clutches. Eventually the crocodile drags him under the water and makes his food.

This hair-raising video has been shared on social media platform Twitter with the name @natureisbruta1. This 39-second video has been viewed more than 86 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have watched the video. Have also liked and given different types of reactions. One user has even written in anger that the most dreaded person is the person who threw food towards him.

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