‘Gajraj’ fell into the well, JCB had to be called to pull it out; watch video

Andra Pradesh In Chittoor district of India, herds of elephants often enter villages from the forest in search of food. On Tuesday morning, an elephant strayed from its team and fell into a deep well in the field near the village. According to the information, the Forest Department officials called for JCB to take out the elephant safely. then dig a well elephant was thrown out. on social media rescue operation A video has also surfaced, which has gone viral on seeing it.

This incident is of a farm near Gandlapalli village of Bangarupalem Mandal area. In the viral clip, you can see the fallen elephant struggling to save its life. At the same time, the forest department team and the villagers present on the spot are trying hard to save him. Even after all the efforts, if the elephant is not able to get out of the well, then the forest department officials call for JCB machines. After this, by breaking the sides of the well, they start trying to get the elephant out.

Watch the rescue video of the elephant that fell in the well here

The villagers told that it was very difficult to remove the elephant. Had to order JCB machine. Then the sides of the well were broken and a pit was made, so that the elephant could be pulled out comfortably. As soon as the elephant came out of the well, it ran straight like a jungle. Now after seeing this rescue, people are reciting ballads in praise of the forest department.

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