Funny Video: Little girl did a wonderful ‘gimmick’, people were laughing and laughing after watching the video

Small children are very naughty and mischievous. They do such mischief, which makes you laugh just after seeing it. If you have children in your house then you will know better what kind of mischief children do and sometimes they throw tantrums too. Especially in the matter of food and drink, their tantrums are such that sometimes they get angry, but since they are children, the anger has to be spit and explained to them with love. You must have seen that sometimes children get hurt even slowly, then they start crying loudly. One such video is viral on social media nowadays.Viral Video) is happening, in which the tantrum shown by a little girl is amazing. This is a very funny video (Funny Video), seeing which you will burst out laughing.

Although various types of videos related to children often go viral on social media, but such funny videos are rarely seen. In the video you can see that a father comes into the room with his little daughter in his lap and as soon as he comes, he thumps on the door with his hand, then starts stroking the girl’s head. Now the girl feels that she has really hit her head, so she starts crying loudly without realizing it. There is a saying in the village that some people are told that if they see that the crow is running after biting your ear, then people do not look at their ear, but they start looking at the crow flying in the sky. The same thing happens with a little girl. She also does not know whether she is really hurt or not, but seeing her father’s head caressing, she guesses that she is hurt and starts crying.

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This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name lovestatuscare and the caption reads, ‘Nautanki baby girl’. This video has got 11 million i.e. 1 crore 10 lakh views so far, while more than 8 lakh 32 thousand people have also liked the video and given different types of reactions. While one user has called the girl a ‘drama queen’, another user has called the girl a ‘future celebrity’ of Instagram.