Funny: ‘Govt babu asked for leave to bring rude wife from maternal home’, ‘true leave application’ viral

It is common for husband and wife to have arguments and quarrels, in this relationship, the process of getting angry and persuading goes on. although many times circumstances gets out of hands and the wife leaves her husband and goes to her maternal home. Due to which many times one has to go to the in-laws’ house to persuade the wives. In such a situation, many times the employed man is put in the office. lies But these days the letter of a husband is going viral indiscriminately, but believe you have never seen such a true leave application.

The case is of Karlak Shamshad Ahmed, working in Prem Nagar Block Education Office, Kanpur, whose wife got angry and went to the maternal home with the child and after the wife’s departure, Shamshad is feeling very mentally hurt. That’s why he now wants to go to his wife’s village and convince them to bring them back. For this, he wrote a letter to the higher education officer and told the whole thing to be absolutely true and asked for a leave of three days, which is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.

see the letter here

In his letter, the clerk wrote, ‘Sir, regarding the leave application to bring the wife from her maternal home. With regard to the above subject, it is to be brought to your notice that there was some dispute with the wife regarding the matter of love. The wife has gone to the maternal home with the elder daughter and two children, due to which the applicant is mentally hurt. He is studying to go to the village to bring him from his maternal home. Therefore, you are requested to kindly allow the applicant to leave the station along with accepting the casual leave of three days.

This leave application has become viral as soon as it comes to the internet world. After which his fellow employee also started making fun of him, but on this Shamshad says that he wrote what was true. At present, the Sacha Leave application is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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