Friends did such a joke to the groom with the bride, they would be furious to see; 10 Viral Videos like this

You must have often seen that on the occasion of marriage groom’s friends Enjoy a lot. During this, he also has a good bonding with the bride. This is the reason why he does not lag behind in joking with the sister-in-law who happens on stage as well. But it feels good only when one does it by staying within the circle. Anyone can flare up if they exceed the limit. At present, a video of the wedding is becoming very viral. sitting on stage in groom bride friends with bad joke Did it, which anyone would be stunned to see.

This video going viral seems to be before the Jaimala ceremony. In which you can see the bride and groom sitting on the sofa. But even before the ceremony, the groom’s friends start having fun. After this, whatever they do with the couple, your blood might boil after seeing it. In the video, friends jokingly start spraying foam on the bride and groom. But jokingly, friends did too much. You can see that the groom’s face is completely covered. At the same time, the bride gets upset and starts fixing her lehenga. But, friends do not stop here and they start spraying again. Anger is clearly visible on the face of the groom in the video, but he keeps on controlling himself.

See in the video, what kind of ugly joke friends did with the bride and groom

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We are sure that after watching this video of bride and groom, your blood will also boil. Let us now have a look at 9 other such videos in the internet world, which are becoming very viral.

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