Female doctor struck by sweeper, got married, unique love story in discussion

It is said that love sees nothing like caste, creed, riches and poverty, age etc. Love can happen anytime, to anyone and to anyone. living example of this Pakistan It has been seen in me, which is now being discussed all over the world. Actually, here a lady doctor Cleaners Fell in love with him and the special thing is that lady doctor He had proposed to her. After this their love grew so much that they even got married. It is being told that married couple Okara is a resident of Dipalpur in the district.

According to media reports, the name of the cleaning worker is Shahzad, while the name of the female doctor is Kishwar Sahiba. Both have also maintained a YouTube channel, named Kishwar Village Vlog. He keeps sharing different types of videos on this channel.

The doctor liked the personality of the cleaning worker

When he got married, he was also interviewed by a YouTube channel named ‘Mere Pakistan’, in which Shahzad told that he had never imagined that a doctor would come in his life as a humsafar, whereas Kishwar Sahiba means Doctor Sahiba told that he liked Shahzad’s personality very much, he always used to talk to him with his head down. Seeing Shahzad, he did not feel that he was a cleaning worker or a tea maker. In fact, Kishwar Sahiba liked the simplicity of Shahzad, that is why he married her.

The female doctor herself had proposed

Shehzad says that he had no idea that Doctor Sahiba wanted to talk to him. He had also taken his number. One day he himself expressed love. After this, both of them met for a few days and then got married. According to reports, after marriage, Kishwar Sahiba left the job and after listening to the taunts of the people made up his mind to open his own clinic.

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