Fear of dogs… Father forced to take up gun, took AIRGUN to drop children to school, see VIDEO

For the past few days, many cases of dog bites are coming up across the country. Due to which there is a concern about dogs among people. panic There is an atmosphere and in many societies different rules have also been made. From Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Kanpur and many other corners of the country, such news are coming. You can guess the fear from the fact that in Delhi and Noida, questions have been raised regarding the registration of pets.

Not only pets but this fear is being seen in stray dogs. A case related to such panic has come to the fore from Kerala these days. Where a father is going to drop his children with an airgun. This video of the case is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. After seeing this, everyone is surprised and their reactions are being given by commenting.

watch video here

This shocking one is from Kasaragod in Kerala where a father is carrying an airgun in his hand. So that he can take his children to school safely. In the video, he is seen walking ahead with a gun and saying that if a stray dog ​​attacks, he will shoot him. According to media reports, the person who has an airgun in his hands is named Sameer.

While talking to the media, Sameer told that he was forced to leave his children in this manner as he wanted to ensure their safety. Sameer further told that a student of his daughter’s school was bitten by a stray dog. Therefore, all the children here were afraid to go to the madrasa. So now I have decided to drop my girl child in this way. For your information, let us tell you that in the past, an incident was reported from Karel, where a child is crossing the street with a bicycle, but in the meantime a stray dog ​​comes and attacks him and drops him and tries to bite him. does.

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