Father threw his son in the beach! You will cry knowing the truth of the video

social media But it is difficult to tell anything about when it will go viral. While some of these videos are very emotional, some are heart-wrenching. At present, a similar video is going viral on Twitter, knowing the truth of which netizens are getting emotional. Actually, in the viral clip, a man is seen throwing the son’s body from the boat in the middle of the sea. Seeing the video, it can be guessed that what would have been the situation at that time, a father had to bid his last farewell to his Lakht-e-Jigar in this way.

According to the information, the person who threw the body of the child is of Syrian origin, whose family was going to Europe illegally. But on the way, the son died while suffering from thirst. The Syrian father wrapped the son’s body in cloth with moist eyes and threw it in the middle of the sea. In the video going viral, it can be seen that the family of the person sitting on the boat is crying a lot in the grief of the deceased child. During this, with some people saying ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, the father throws the son’s body into the sea. This scene is heart-wrenching.

Watch in the video, when a father dumped the son’s body in the beach

This video has been shared on Twitter by a verified account named @Omar_Madaniah. The user has given a caption in Arabic language, whose Hindi translation is something like this. A Syrian father, after dying of thirst, wrapped his son’s body in a cloth and threw it into the sea. The boat full of migrants leaving for Europe ran out of fuel and food. Whoever saw this video, his eyes became moist. Everyone is saying the same thing – God should not show anyone such a day.

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