Ever seen a fluent English speaking bird? The video surprised everyone

social media But often videos related to different types of animals and animals and birds keep going viral, some of which are very funny and some even surprise people. At the same time, some videos also bring tears to people’s eyes and some are also a little strange, after seeing which it becomes difficult to believe the eyes. One such video is becoming very viral on social media these days. kinda weird It would not be wrong to say, because in this video a bird is seen speaking fluent and wonderful English. After watching this video and listening to the bird, you really will not believe your eyes and ears.

By the way, it is generally said about parrots that they are adept at imitating. Not only do they take out the voice of humans very well, as well as they can imitate the sound of different types of instruments with ease, but here another bird is seen imitating them well. In the video you can see that a woman says something to the bird in English and she also imitates it brilliantly. The bird speaks such fluent English that you will be stunned to hear it. Not only this, he is also seen making some other sounds, as if many instruments are playing simultaneously. Then he shows it by taking out the sound of the whistle as well. Truly, the unique talent of this bird has won the heart.

Watch and hear the bird’s fluttering English

The name of this bird is European Starling (European Starling) is being told. This great video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID of Science girl and the caption reads, ‘Listen to this starling. The European starling is an accomplished mimicry artist. This video of just one minute has been viewed more than 2 million i.e. more than 20 lakh times, while more than 23 thousand people have also liked the video.

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