Elephant trapped in the strong current of the river, the forest department’s team saved the life of the animal like this, see VIDEO

rain Even though some people like the weather very well, but this season also brings with it great devastation. States like Assam, Rajasthan and Kerala are facing this huge devastation. Due to heavy and continuous rains, the water level of the rivers has increased, only water is visible everywhere. People’s life has become easier. Many people have to leave their homes and go to other places because Flooding Has destroyed everything. You must have also seen and heard many such news, in which the things of people getting washed away in the terrible floods came to the fore. Many such videos were also seen on social media. Now these days some such videos are going viral, in which the case of an elephant getting trapped in the strong current of the river is being seen.

In the video you can see that an elephant is stuck in the strong current of the river. He is trying to move forward, but the flow of water is so fast that he is not able to move. Actually, the elephant is trying to get out of the water and go to the forest, but all his efforts go in vain in front of the havoc of nature. However, somehow he manages to go near the tree at a high place, from where the people of the forest department rescued him. This video is being told from Thrissur district of Kerala state. In the video, the elephant can be seen struggling to get out of the water. Well, later the forest department team saved the elephant and took it to its rightful place.

Watch Video:

On the social media platform Facebook. Shrinath (N Sreenath) has shared three videos related to elephants, which people are very fond of. According to media reports, the elephant was trapped in the strong current of water for a few hours. At the same time, people living around the forest told that the elephant came out of the forest in search of food, but it got stuck while leaving.

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