Elderly couple took such a selfie inside the metro, users commented lovingly after watching the video

Elderly couple took such a selfie inside the metro, users commented lovingly after watching the video

You must have seen many videos of couples on the internet. In which he is seen doing various antics. But in spite of this, there are many such couples in front of us. Video come to the fore. After seeing whom we say after seeing…Wow! Bhai Pyaar Ho To Aisa… Yeh Hai Real Couple! These days we got a similar video Instagram But got to see which will definitely make your day.

A video of an elderly couple is going viral on the internet. Seeing them, your self-confidence will also increase. In a video going viral, an elderly couple was seen struggling to take a selfie in the metro. The cuteness and efforts of both of them won the hearts of the people. The woman assured her husband that they would be able to get a good picture before getting off the metro. Although, the person keeps trying to take selfies, but it does not seem to be of any use.

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In the video, you can see that an elderly couple tries to take selfies in metros, but seeing them, it is clear that they are not used to this thing, so the couple is not able to get a perfect photo. But still he does not stop trying, during this he also adjusts himself for a picture, but still the picture is not that good. After trying tirelessly to get the best selfie from every angle, the couple finally stands up and takes a selfie. But after landing, he takes a perfect selfie.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named Kalpak Photogarphy. With which he wrote the caption, ‘Wait for the good photo. Life just gets a little better with the right person, doesn’t it?’ Till the time of writing the video, more than 7 lakh people have seen it. People are giving their feedback on this by commenting. One user wrote, ‘Metro trains do not run in many small cities and whenever people travel by metro, they want to record the inside view and this is something like that.’ While the other wrote, ‘This clip made my day.’

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