During the vending shoot, the elephant beat the mahout, the couple was shocked to see the anger

During the vending shoot, the elephant beat the mahout, the couple was shocked to see the anger

Taking photos and making albums at weddings is not something new. But yes, something has changed, so the technology of the camera and the way of taking photographs. In olden times, photos and albums were made so that the memories become fresh after seeing them, but now the time has changed. today’s special fashion And the trend is pre and post wedding photo shoots. In the young generation, there is a different craze for both these types of shoots. Where pre wedding takes place after engagement, there is post wedding shoot. wedding The photoshoot that happens after is called. One such post wedding shoot is in discussion among people these days. After seeing which people are laughing.

It is often seen that after marriage, most of the people go to the temple and seek the blessings of God so that there is no sorrow and trouble in their future life. But in the video which is going viral these days, a strange game happened with a person. Although this is a kind of scary experience for him, but whenever he sees this video, he will not be able to control his laughter.

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This case going viral is of Guruvayur temple in Kerala. Where an elephant became violent during the couple’s photoshoot. This incident took place during the wedding photoshoot of Nikhil, a resident of Palakkad, and Anjali, a resident of Guruvayoor. Couple got married after the ceremony. During this, due to the intoxication of the elephant named Damodar Das in the heart, such an incident happened that the couple could hardly ever forget him in their life.

In the video going viral, you can see the bride and groom enjoying their movement. During this, the elephant followed the bride and groom and as soon as they came close to the elephant, it suddenly attacked them. In the attack, the elephant pushed the mahout down and lifted him with its tusks. During this, it is a matter of honor that the mahout sitting above pacified him, otherwise a big accident could have happened. This video is being shared on Instagram by an account named weddingmojito.

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