Draupadi Murmu: NDA announced the presidential candidate, people said – the first woman tribal president going to meet the country!

Speculations were being made by the people for many days on the candidates for the post of President in the country, but today all the speculations have come to an end in the form of presidential candidate from the side and the opposition. On the one hand, where Yashwant Sinha was announced as the presidential candidate by the UPA, while churning out the name of the candidate of the BJP-led NDA alliance, the tribal woman Draupadi Murmu was nominated for the President’s post. has declared its candidate for This information was given by BJP President JP Nadda through a press conference.

Draupadi Murmu has been the first woman and tribal leader of Odisha, who was the governor of Jharkhand till 2021. As soon as this news came, #DraupadiMurmu started trending top on all social media platforms including Twitter and people started giving their reactions through this hashtag.

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For your information, if Draupadi Murmu is elected, she will be the first tribal president in the history of India. Also, if she wins the election, she will become the second woman President of the country after Pratibha Patil.

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