Don’t want software engineer groom… ‘Unique’ matrimonial aid went viral

Even though the world has progressed a lot today, it has progressed, but even today in India arranged marriage occur on a large scale. The family members of the boy and the girl not only find a good bride or groom for their children, as well as many times relatives also get involved in this work and help them in finding a suitable bride or groom. By the way, nowadays, the work of finding a boy or a girl is being done online for marriage. In addition some people news paper I also give ed about this. social media But nowadays one such matrimonial ad is becoming very viral, on which people are enjoying a lot.

There was a time when software engineers used to be the first choice of girls or their family members in the matter of marriage, because they not only earn well but they also had a good chance to go abroad. But today if we look at this matrimonial advertisement given in a newspaper, it seems that the time has changed. The demand for software engineers is no longer as much as it used to be.

Watch this funny matrimonial ad

Actually, a user named Sameer Arora has shared a screenshot of this matrimonial ad on social media platform Twitter, in which it is written that a beautiful girl coming from business background, who has done MBA, is looking for a groom, who can join IAS. /IPS, working doctor (PG) or should be industrialist/businessman of same caste. Also, it is written in it that software engineers are requested not to call, that is, the girl does not want a software engineer groom at all.

This matrimonial ad is becoming very viral on Twitter, on which people are enjoying a lot. Somebody has written that ‘a fat fat bride is looking for a fat party..Engineers can’t make as much money as an IAS/IPS, doctor or a guy with business profile can make’, then someone has written that ‘this software It’s a great insult to the engineer’. Similarly, another user has written while commenting, ‘Are we engineers so bad’, then another user has written, ‘The future cannot be good without IT’.

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