Don’t take my Ganpati bappa… Heartwarming video of a crying baby girl goes viral

today Anant Chaturdashi And also the time of parting of Ganpati Bappa. The idol of Ganpati Bappa is immersed on the day of Anant Chaturdashi. Ganesh Chaturthi On this day, people install the idol of Lord Ganesha in their homes and worship him by law for the next 10 days and then they are immersed. It is believed that due to the ritual immersion of the idol of Ganpati Bappa, there is no trouble in the homes of people throughout the year. However, the time of Ganpati Bappa’s parting becomes very sad for the people. Many people even have tears in their eyes. social media But nowadays one video viral It is happening, after seeing which you will also become emotional.

This video is of a small girl who is adamant on not taking Ganpati Bappa. She doesn’t even want to leave Bappa. He has held them tightly. During this, the girl’s mother tells her to let Ganpati Bappa go, but she is not taking the name of leaving him and is crying. The girl’s mother tries to forcefully bring her down, but the child repeatedly frees her mother.

It’s a very emotional moment. Actually, the girl has become very attached to Ganpati Bappa, that is why she is not letting him go from her. However, later the girl is dragged to her by her mother and then Ganpati Bappa’s parting takes place. Eventually, the little girl Ganpati Bappa speaks.

See how the girl is crying bitterly

This emotional video of the girl has been shared with the official Twitter handle of former Union Minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma and the caption reads, ‘Heart touching video of the girl…’Don’t take my Ganpati Bappa’. People are liking this video very much.

You must have seen a variety of videos related to Ganpati immersion on social media, but have rarely seen such an emotional video, which brings tears to the eyes. This love of the girl towards Ganpati Bappa is amazing, unbreakable.

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