Doggy was seen walking on the water, people watching the video said – Aila magic!

On social media, you have seen many different types of dogs from dull to smart. Videos Will see. Where some dogs are so agile that they even take training to be recruited in the military or police. At the same time, there are some dogs whose owners leave no stone unturned to make them viral, so when their videos Internet But when they come, people just keep looking at them. One such video is in discussion these days, Doggy is seen walking on water.

Often animals do not like water much and especially the dog does not enjoy going near the water. Many dogs run away after seeing water, so if they have a good mood then they do not hold back from having fun in the water. It is walking on water as if it is not water but a road!

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a dog is seen walking on the river with pleasure. He is moving forward in his unique style with ease. Seeing the way he is walking happily in the water, it seems that the dog is doing this with the help of some magic. Apart from this, the shade of many colors in the clip and the shape of Doggy is making the video adorable.

This video has been shared by an account named @buitengebieden. Which has got more than 14 lakh views till the time of writing the news. This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Especially dog ​​lovers are sharing this video a lot. One user said that this view is really wonderful that I fell in love with it. Another user wrote that this is the best thing I have seen this year, wonderful!. Apart from this, many other users praised this video in different ways.

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