Deer was seen surfing with pleasure in the sea, having fun like a surfer jumping on the waves

If you are active in the world of internet, then here are the funny videos. viral keep happening. Many things are laughable in these, so many things are surprising to see. Many such things can also be seen. After seeing which we are not able to believe our eyes. one such Video These days it is in discussion where a deer is enjoying the waves without any surfing board. Seeing him, it seems that this is all daily work for him.

Usually you must have seen deer having fun in the field and forests, but this creature lives a little away from the water, but the video that has surfaced these days is a little different because here a deer is seen having fun on the waves of the sea. Is. Watching the video, it is clear how happy he is to see the water. This is the reason why this video was successful in grabbing the attention of the people.

watch video here

In the video you can see that the deer is seen having fun in the middle of the water on the seashore, he is waiting for the high waves like a surfer and as soon as the wave comes near him, he is seen having fun on him. Seeing the waves, he was not afraid, but was going deeper and deeper into the water to face the oncoming waves. Usually deer stay away from water because they are afraid of hunting from living animals.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @AmazingPosts_. Till the time of writing the news, more than 15 thousand people have seen and their reactions are being given by commenting. A user said that the deer was so fond of the waves of the deer that it was not ready to come out. While another user wrote, ‘He is enjoying himself without a surfing board.’ Another user wrote, ‘Seeing its versatility, it can be guessed how happy this deer is at this time.’

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