‘Deer’ was seen galloping over the water, everyone was stunned after watching the video

You must be well aware that walking on water is not a matter of human beings or animals. If someone does this then it may be that he has some superpower. you have many science fiction Or it must have been seen in films inspired by mythology that humans also walk comfortably on the surface of the water. By the way, you must have seen some insects also that they keep running and running on the surface of the water very easily. They neither sink nor swim, but walk on water. but what ever Deer Have you seen him galloping over water? social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, which is quite surprising.

Actually, in the video, a moose, which is a member of the same species of deer, is seen running rather than walking on the water. In the video you can see how a moose, looking like a horse from afar, is galloping over the water. It is as if he is running on the ground, because his feet are not sinking in the water, while a boat is running in the water next to him. In such a situation, it is obvious that the river will be deep, but despite this, the deer not drowning in the water is no less than a surprise. After watching this video, you will surely be thinking that this has really happened or the video has been edited. By the way, this video does not look edited.

See how ‘deer’ is running on water

This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named Curiosity Of Science. This 11-second video has been viewed 4.5 million i.e. 45 lakh times so far, while more than one lakh people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. Some users are saying that how is it possible that the moose is running on the water, while some are saying that there is only 3 cm. It’s just water. In response to this, a user has written that ‘motor boat 3 cm. How can I walk in water?’.

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