#DeepakPunia: Experience does not give ‘reward’, Deepak’s passion is necessary for victory

whatever the playing field but if the competition India-Pakistan If it is in between, then the mercury automatically rises. The same situation was seen by Deepak Poonia during the match between Pakistani wrestler Mohammad Inam Butt. Although Friday has been the name of Indian wrestlers and India got a lot of gold in the bag, but Deepak Punia’s match It was very special in itself because whatever this match was with Pakistan and this match was also something like the Indian fans were expecting. Deepak Poonia defeated Mohammad Inam of Pakistan 3-0 in the men’s 86kg freestyle category to give India its third gold.

Deepak made a great start and tried to slam the Pakistani player but Inam did not allow this bet to succeed on the basis of his experience. But at the end of the match, Deepak Punia told that the feeling is more important than the experience required for victory. Deepak is celebrating the happiness of this victory all over the country. #DeepakPunia is top trending on Twitter. Users are being given their reactions with this.

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