Dancing Dadi did amazing dance on the song ‘Lagan Lagi Re’, users were blown away by the steps and expressions

There is no dearth of talented people in the world. Sometimes it gets a chance to shine. At the same time, sometimes the situation suppresses the ardor inside him. But social media Due to which things are easily reaching the people. one such Video It is becoming very viral nowadays, in which a grandmother showed her such talent. Seeing which today’s youth should also be ashamed. Alam is that people are praising the person fiercely.

You must have heard the name of Internet’s dancing grandmother ‘Ravi Bala Sharma’. On the strength of her talent, Dadi proved that age is just a number. The 64-year-old grandmother is very active on social media and she keeps sharing her dance videos every day. His dance videos are very spectacular. Dadi recently shared a dance clip, in which she can be seen dancing to the song ‘Lagan Lagi Re’ sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Kavita Seth.

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Grandmother’s steps and expressions in the video are so amazing that you will not be able to take your eyes off her. He showed such a classical dance without missing a single beat, which everyone is surprised to see. Let us tell you that this dance video is so cute that this video is being seen on other social media platforms.

Let us tell you that this video has got more than 56 thousand views. Many people have also commented on this video. One user said that Lovely expression and very beautiful. On the other hand, another user wrote that as good as your dance is, you are beautiful. Another user wrote, ‘You are very graceful, I am amazed every time.’ Ravi Bala Sharma is quite famous on the internet. She often shares her dance videos on Instagram account. He is followed by more than 1 lakh people on Instagram. On the coming days, she shares videos on her social media account while dancing on new old songs, which people also like a lot.

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