College wall collapsed as soon as MLA touched it

A video has surfaced on social media from Raniganj in Uttar Pradesh, which you will also be shocked to see. In fact, it happened that on Thursday, SP MLA RK Sharma had come to inspect an under-construction government engineering college at a cost of 100 crores. But when she started touching the walls, she suddenly collapsed. Then what was there. The MLA suspected that substandard materials were being used in the construction of the college. After this, like doctors, started checking the walls one by one. Now this video is becoming quite viral on social media.

According to media reports, the wall of the engineering college was built only two days ago. In the video going viral, you can see that as soon as the MLA touches the wall, it falls down. After this, the MLAs reprimand the workers and the employees of the organization present there.

watch video here

‘Then the road was broken by coconut’

Let us tell you that a government engineering college is being built amidst the forests in Shivsat of Raniganj assembly of Pratapgarh. But what kind of poor quality material is being used to build this college, its hallmark was seen when the MLA suddenly reached to inspect the construction of the college. Seeing this, the MLA was so infuriated that he immediately called the DM and informed about it.

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