Cat enjoys fresh cow’s milk for free, have you seen this funny viral video?

Many people love pets especially cats. They are one of the most liked pets. Cats often make headlines on social media with their cute antics. After seeing those who are surprised many times, at times we laugh, but sometimes such clips also come. After seeing them, our day becomes. In recent days, a similar video is viral where a cat is enjoying free milk with pleasure.

You must know how much cats like to drink milk, even they sneak into the house and run away after drinking all the milk. But have you ever seen a cat drinking milk from a cow’s udder? A similar video is in discussion these days. Which cat lovers are very fond of and are sharing with their friends.

watch video here

It can be seen in the video that a cat and a cow are present. Milk is coming out from the udder of the cow. The cat’s aunt is drinking milk with great fervor. Her attention is only on the milk that comes from the udder of the cow and she does not move at all because there is a fear that if she moves even a little, the cow will get upset and will not allow her to drink the milk.

This four-second video has been shared on Twitter by an account named buitengebieden. Which has been seen by more than 13 lakh people and their feedback is being given by commenting. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘This video going viral has made my day..! While another user commented watching the video and wrote, ‘Cat Aunty’s party is happening.’ Another user wrote on this video, ‘I have seen such a decent cat for the first time.’ Apart from this, yes some people are calling this video very funny, while some people are praising the cat.

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