Car-o-bar, love of family members or straight away from Haridwar… choose man! Delhi Police’s unique message to drinkers, went viral

Liquor Drunk driving is not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of others. Strict laws have been made regarding this, there is also a provision for heavy fines, but despite this, some people do not take the name of improvement and neither do they have any fear of police-law. There is no fear of even his own life. In February this year, the government had presented a report, in which it was told that in the year 2020, there were more than 8 thousand road accidents due to drunken driving. The police also keep strict on such people and at the same time tries to convince the public that this should not be done. Delhi Police has also made a similar effort, but in a very unique way, which is becoming very popular on social media. viral Happening.

Actually, Delhi Police is very active on social media and tries to explain anything in a unique way and spread awareness among people. At present, the tweet he has made is related to drunken drivers. In this tweet, he has given a wonderful message and has tried to convince people that one should never drive after drinking alcohol.

See funny tweet of Delhi Police

Delhi Traffic Police (Delhi Traffic PoliceA picture has been shared on the official Twitter handle of ), in which it is written in a funny way, ‘If you leave the bar and drive your car, or in the car itself, you will open your bar, the doors of the police station will open for you’. Along with this, it is written in the caption, ‘Choose kar lo yaar… kar-o-bar, love of family members or straight Haridwar’.

At the same time, users are also reacting in a funny way to this tweet of Delhi Police. One user has written, ‘You will go to the gates of the police station only when you are alive, otherwise you will go straight to Haridwar if an accident happens’, while another user has written that ‘This is a very good message for the public’. At the same time, a user has commented praising Delhi Police, ‘Wow. Amazingly written’, then another user has written while commenting like this, ‘Jai Ho Delhi Police’.

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