Camel bowed down and loved the little dog like this, heart touching video viral

social media But sometimes some such videos also become viral, which touch the heart. Even many videos related to animals are like this. By the way, videos related to hunting of lion, tiger and leopard etc. are usually seen more. These animals are considered to be the most feared animals in the world, but some animals are also peace-loving, who live in harmony with small animals, treat them with love. nowadays one such beast The video of is going viral, which will surely touch your heart.

You must have seen camels. They are huge, but very tolerant animals. It is also called the ship of the desert. Their biggest feature is that they can live without drinking water for many days even in the sandy hot plains. You must have seen camels walking, running and making people ride, but have you ever seen camels in love with any other animal? At present, something similar is being seen in the video which is going viral. In this, a camel is seen loving a little dog.

Watch this heart touching video of camel and dog

In the video you can see that a camel is standing peacefully in a hilly area and a little dog is barking in front of it. He barks once or twice and then frightensly approaches the camel. At first it seems that the camel might try to kill him, but nothing like this happens, rather the camel falls in love with him. As soon as the dog approaches the camel, the camel bends over and kisses it as if it were his own child.

This stunning video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on social media platform Twitter and it is written in the caption, ‘Nobility is in how much you can bow down to give love to the little ones’. This video of just 20 seconds has been viewed more than 26 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have liked the video and have given different reactions.

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